Use of this website

Must the materials at this IREMT website be used with any particular textbooks?

No. While the materials on this site were originally developed for use with the Parker/Baldridge books Elementary Mathematics for Teachers and Elementary Geometry for Teachers, it should be useful to instructors in any mathematics course for elementary and/or middle school teachers.

Am I free to use the sample exams and the exam generator for my course?

Yes, that is the point of the website!

Am I free to use the syllabi, review sheets, sample exams, and the exam generator for my course?

Yes, that is the point of this website! Download and modify to taylor for your course and taste. Blend with your own materials. Some modifications will always be needed, but starting with one of these downloads can save you at least half of the time and effort needed to produce such documents.


Using the Exam Generator

Can I use the exam generator, but add some of my own questions?

Sure! Use the Exam Generator to create some of the questions, download, and add more questions using either Latex or MsWord.

What is .rtf?

rtf ("rich text format") is an open-source format that can be immediately converted to MsWord by opening the file in Word and saving as a Word (.doc) document. Do this if you prefer editing your exams using Word (rather than Latex).

I can't see the pictures in the rtf file.

They will appear after you open and save in MsWord.

When I typeset my Latex exam, I get "Latex Error: cannot determine the size of the graphic... "

Because the exam generator downloadeds pictues as .pdf files, you must typeset using pdftex. Most Latex installations allow you to toggle to pdftex:
  TexShop In the top menu, select Typeset --> Pdftex

On my downloaded exam, the points don't add up correctly! The spacing is wrong!

The Exam Generator produces a draft exam, not a final version. You must adjust the spacing, the number of points for each problem, and make other minor fixes.